Grant Achievements

The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority receives grants from the public and private sectors. The Authority is now entering the private sector grant arena through its not-for-profit entity led by tenant councils and is on the road to success. The list below is just a sample of organizations awarding grants to the Authority.

  • Public Housing Drug Elimination Program

  • New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

  • Economic Development and Supportive Services

  • Service Coordinators in Public Housing

  • Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency

  • Urban Initiatives Department of Agriculture

  • Public Benefits County of Erie

  • New York State Department of Environment

Recent Awards/Honors

  • Winner of the 2000 NAHRO Landscape Beautification Award

  • Winner of the 1999 HUD Best Practice Award for Day Care Providers

  •  Winner of the 1999 HUD Best Practice Award for Community and Values Program for Campfire Council of Buffalo and Erie County to establish Community Clubs in Family     Developments

  • Winner of the 1999 HUD Best Practice Awards for Conversion Modernization Program and Re-Occupancy Task Force at Langfield Homes Residents Involved in Admissions and Re-Occupancy

  • 1999 national accreditation of BMHA Department