Board of Commissioners

The BMHA Board of Commissioners, comprised of five members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Buffalo, and two elected by BMHA residents and Section 8 voucher holders, meets on the third Thursday of each month, at 12 p.m., at the Authority’s Executive Offices, 300 Perry St. 

Board meetings may be moved to an alternate date upon a majority vote of the board. 

Board meetings are open to BMHA residents and members of the public and can be attended in person, or virtually via Zoom by clicking the meeting icon on the BMHA website landing page.

The BMHA Board has five standing committees: Finance, Operations, and Development; Audit; Personnel; and Safety, Security, and Resident Engagement.


  • Commissioner David Rodriguez, Esq.; Chairman (term ends 10/26)

    • Finance, Operations, & Development Committee

    • Personnel Committee

    • Safety, Security & Resident Engagement Committee

  • Commissioner Yvonne C. McCray; Vice Chairman (term ends 10/27)

    • Finance, Operations, & Development Committee; Chairwoman

    • Audit Committee

  • Commissioner Charles G. Pressley, Esq. (term ends 10/23)

    • Finance, Operations, & Development Committee                                      

    • Personnel Committee

  • Commissioner (Resident) Robin Edwards (term ends 06/24)

  • Commissioner (Resident) Renato Graham (term ends 06/24)

    • Safety, Security, & Resident Engagement Committee; Chairman

  • Commissioner David J. State, Esq. (term ends 10/24)                                                     

    • Personnel Committee; Chairman

  • Vacant - Appointment Pending