What is this screening process?

We screen all persons and families to make sure they will be good neighbors. We make sure they will pay their rent and care for their apartment. Good sense, fairness and the law requires that the BMHA make its best effort to screen out people who will not be good tenants and neighbors for the rest of the BMHA community. The screening factors include:

  • How well you currently pay your bills and meet your financial obligations
  • How well you care for your current apartment or dwelling
  • If you show current habits or behavior that might negatively affect the health, safety and welfare of other residents
  • If you have a criminal record
  • Your ability to meet the terms and conditions of the apartment lease

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3. What developments are available? Can I wait for the development I want?
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5. What is this screening process?
6. What can I do if my application is denied?
7. How long will it take before I can get an apartment?
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10. Does the BMHA provide emergency housing?
11. How can I get more information?